How do I verify my DorPay account?

Step 1: Personal information

Please verify your email address and update your personal information here.

Step 2: Documents for Verification

Please submit a ticket to the Verification Department and send a scan or a photo of the following documents as attachment :
1. ID Verification

The following type of documents are accepted for ID Verification:

. Passport
. National ID
. Driver's License

The following IDs are not accepted for ID Verification:

. Voter's ID
. Residence Permit
. Health Insurance Cards
. Company-Issued ID Cards
. Student ID Cards

2. Address Verification

The following documents are accepted for Address Verification:

. Bank Statement
. Utility Bills (Water, Electricity, Gas or Cable)

The Address Verification document has to meet the following criteria:

. It has to be a hard copy you receive in mail and not an online version
. Has to be issue in your name
. Your address must be clear and visible on the document
. Has to be not more than 2 months old and the date must be clear and visible.

3. Passport or ID in Hand (ID Selfy)

You must take a clear picture of yourself while holding your ID near your face.


Please note that providing a Bank Statement is MANDATORY if you are going to send or receive wire transfers.

How long does it take to get verified?

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